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Yes, we are. Africa boasts a vast expanse of prime farmland, totaling about 874 million hectares, and Nigeria, with its 34 million arable hectares and a burgeoning youth population, holds the potential to lead global agribusiness.  Yet, Africa is still struggling to be a big player on the global stage.

Ululanifarm is addressing this issue by setting up one of Nigeria’s largest focused farm estates. This estate is designed for farmers who want to get into commercial agriculture but don’t want to worry about marketing or sales. Our primary goal is to build a thriving farming community and to become a leading agricultural product processor, converting raw harvests into value-added goods. We are also committed to developing the next generation of agronomists, agropreneurs, and farmers who will drive agribusiness growth and transformation across Africa.

Joining our farm estate provides significant advantages over solo commercial farming ventures. We provide farm needs such as irrigation water, well-built roads, electricity, and first-rate security, all of which significantly reduce operating costs while facilitating profitable farming. Furthermore, farmers within the estate will not have to worry about finding buyers because we are actively engaged in offtake agreements and will establish farm markets within the estate, which will be supported by extensive publicity efforts to attract potential buyers.


Our primary farm focus and more.

Rice farming

vegetables Farming

Animal husbandry

Palm Oil farming

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We specialise in agro-production, using cutting-edge techniques to cultivate healthy and abundant crops that serve as the foundation of a sustainable food ecosystem.

Land sales

With Ululanifarm's land sales, you can discover a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Our prime agricultural land is the ideal platform for your agrarian aspirations.


From farm to table, our agro-processing expertise converts raw agricultural materials into premium products, ensuring quality and value preservation.


Ululanifarm's farm-to-market solutions seamlessly connect producers and consumers, ensuring fresh, local produce reaches your table while supporting sustainable agriculture.

Training & Advisory

Ululanifarm provides comprehensive agricultural training programmes that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the fast-paced world of farming.

Farm Management

We provide meticulous oversight and optimise operations for optimal effectiveness, productivity, and financial success.

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