Providing a dedicated haven for individuals interested in pursuing their agricultural interests, whether crop cultivation or animal husbandry.

We are building a community for farmers who plan on feeding the nation.

Welcome to our Farm Estates, a thriving farming community designed for individuals and agro-professionals seeking to build or expand their agricultural businesses in a safe and secure environment. We’re dedicated to creating an empowering environment for those with farming aspirations, offering within our estates the opportunity to buy land, farm, grow crops, raise animals, or process agro-products.

Our Farm Estates stand out for their unwavering commitment to innovation, active community engagement, and continuous progress, all in response to the growing importance of sustainable agriculture.

Currently, Spring Farm Estate is selling, with individual plots priced at ₦350,000 (500 sqm) and ₦1.5 million per acre (4000 sqm). The other estate are scheduled to be launched before the end of the third quarter of this year. Take advantage of Spring’s close proximity to Lagos and seize your opportunity to achieve your agricultural dream.

Some of our current and soon-to-be-launched farm estates.

Spring farm Estate


Veggies Estate

coming soon

Fat hoof estate

coming soon

Dripping Oil estate

coming soon

List of amenities the Estate provides

Smart Security

Comprehensive security measures, including surveillance systems and trained personnel, ensure the safety of residents and their property.


Access to reliable electricity and well-lit areas facilitates operations during all hours, enhancing productivity and safety.

Agro-Processing Facilities

Infrastructure for processing raw agricultural products into value-added goods, enhancing revenue potential.

Farm Markets

On-site markets for residents to showcase and sell their produce, promoting self-sufficiency and market access.

Transportation Infrastructure

Internal transportation pathways or services for convenient movement within the estate.

Water Supply

Reliable water supply for irrigation, livestock care, and general use, ensuring optimal farming operations.

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